We love good books…a lot. In fact, we love them so much that we built a website that puts all the critics’ reviews in one place to offer a fun and easy way to select the good books from the bad.


How does it work? Our score metric is simple: if 70 percent of the critics liked a book, we give it an open book symbol. This means it’s a book we recommend. If less than 70 percent of the critics liked it, we give it a closed book symbol. Find the book you want to read next and buy it — just click the Amazon, iTunes and Barnes and Noble links next to every book.


There’s more! It’s important to be able to pick out the tough critics from the critics that like everything. That’s why we built individual pages for each book critic that show how many books they recommend versus how many they don’t. You can also look at every writer to see all their books at once, including how many have been recommended and how frequently they publish recommended books.


Readers Finding Writers. Now that you’ve found the writers you love, sign up to follow them. We’ll send you regular updates to tell you when the writer is on tour near you, when they have a new book coming out and if they have an interesting interview/article that you might like to read.


Extras. Our site will also feature regular interviews with both critics and writers as well as spotlights on independent bookstores worth checking out and more.


Disclaimer. We’ll be adding more reviews daily, but be patient: right now, you might not find books like The Scarlett Letter or Beowulf on our site. Every day, we’re going further back in the vault to find the most reviews possible. Trust us, if there are reviews out there, we’ll have them soon enough.


And there you have it. We hope you enjoy the site. It’s a labor of love for us, and there’s a lot more to come.


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