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When Tommy lost him job as lawkeeper because the townspeople trusted an outsider rogue more than him, shame on them, but when he loses that job to the same rogue a second time because he doesn’t know what a Shrill bomb is, well, shame on Tommy. Add that to his ex showing up in town just after he got over her and started seeing someone else and it’s pretty easy to tell this is not Tommy’s best episode. Though he carries a gun every day, he's Tommy is still viewed as a kid by the townsmen (maybe it’s time he changed his name to Tom) so when a bomb goes off in the market, it proves to be a more fitting opportunity for Nolan’s homecoming rather than Tommy's evolution as a leader. Nolan’s investigation showcases how well he knows Defiance and its inhabitants. Starting at the mine, he easily gets the name of the suspect, which he recognizes, and, even after losing him in pursuit, knows the owner of the trailer he ducked into from security camera footage. (A quick aside: Iif you’re running from a law enforcer and he can go to a control room and review tape of where you went and you’re STILL in the same place, you deserve to be caught.). Nolan reemerges with a bang and rescues the town from a subsequent bang, saving the targeted Stahma Tarr and defusing the second bomb (all without red or green wires mind you). A case can be made that the town MAY have been better off without Stahma since she's now a drug kingpin, but let's not pontificate on that since the central focus of the episode is on community and how Defiance is now a city divided by the family of characters from the first season and the occupying military force that has gained control. One of the military’s commanders, the videographer Berlin, an interesting name since the last episode spent so much time comparing the military to the Nazis, continues to make propaganda for the Earth Republic, promoting their ability to keep the people of the city safe. Berlin has a really good eye for how people portray themselves and there's a funny aside in the investigation where she sizes Nolan up as a Hans Solo wannabe with a wookie of a partner and a blaster by his side. Nolan laughs about this but in a way that makes you think that he, quite possibly, had chosen his look with Solo in mind and is just a Star Wars nerd like the rest of us. Typically, a threat against the balance of the town would take just a little poison on the flask to fix itself, but the new mayor shows that he's a worthy opponent to Stahma manipulations. In the first season, Stahma had her way with the town. Like a grandmaster playing with novices, she smiled at the others trying to compete. But Niles Pottinger is no novice, and if Stahma wants to keep her power, she's going to have to up her game. This leads to the secondary plot of the episode as Alak, the man of the house with his father in jail, tries to head the family business. Unfortunately, Alak rules more like a Fredo than a Michael, and Stahma quickly takes over, fearing ruling with a kind hand may expose weakness, and forces him into a more brutal path by having him kill Skeuver, one of the bombers who targeted her. After he kills him, he runs out into the street and vomits. He definitely is not his father. Datak Tarr is having his own set of problems though. Without Stahma, Datak doesn’t have the same powers of manipulation in prison as he did in the city. He concocts a plan of convincing a fellow inmate to attack Pottinger then turns on the inmate to save the mayor, hoping to gain favor for his parole hearing. But Pottinger sees through the charade and delights in exposing the scheme. Novice meet Grandmaster. The episode ends with Nolan reluctantly taking the job of lawkeeper after seeing that the people of Defiance are family and it's his job to protect them both in good times and bad. The reward for returning is a night with Amanda. While Amanda doesn't want to admit her sister's death, her constant dressing in black with a veil shows at least a subconscious acceptance. And she furthers her sister's role as Nolan's lover, bringing him back to her room for a plot point delivery that has been hinted at since the beginning of the series. Not bad for a scruffy looking nerf herder.

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