Blood, Bones and Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef

Blood, Bones and Butter: The.. Gabrielle Hamilton 2011
9 8 1 8.9/10 HARDCOVER NON-FICTION English 304 Random House 140006872X 9781400068722

“I wanted the lettuce and eggs at room temperature . . . the butter-and-sugar sandwiches we ate after school for snack . . . the marrow bones my mother made us eat as kids that I grew to crave as an adult. . . . There would be no ‘conceptual’ or ‘intellectual’ food, just the salty, sweet, starchy, brothy, crispy things that one craves when one is actually hungry. In ecstatic farewell to my years of corporate catering, we would never serve anything but a martini in a martini glass. Preferably gin.

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Critic Reviews

Washington Post Joe Yonan

To read Blood, Bones & Butter is to marvel at Hamilton's masterly facility with language.

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New York Times Michiko Kakutani

Gabrielle Hamilton’s brilliantly written new memoir, “Blood, Bones & Butter,” is rhapsodic about food, but it’s not just for foodies.

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The New York Times Frank Bruni

Gabrielle Hamilton, the chef at the New York restaurant Prune, tells of satisfying a variety of hungers in this memoir.

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The Wall Street Journal Michael Ruhlman

Blood, Bones & Butter is a rhapsodic, profane, wonderful, imperfect memoir.

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LA Times Russ Parsons

What's lacking in Blood, Bones & Butter is any kind of introspection.

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The Roanoke Times Nona Nelson

“Blood, Bones & Butter” will appeal to foodies, but it’s more of a satisfying a story of family and survival by a gifted writer than it is a journal of menus and gastronomical trends.

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