Mrs. Nixon

Mrs. Nixon Ann Beattie 2011
7 4 3 5.7/10 HARDCOVER FICTION English 304 Scribner 1439168717 9781439168714

Dazzlingly original, Ann Beattie’s Mrs. Nixon is a riveting exploration of an elusive American icon and of the fiction writer’s art. Pat Nixon remains one of our most mysterious and intriguing public figures, the only modern First Lady who never wrote a memoir. Beattie, like many of her generation, dismissed Richard Nixon’s wife: “interchangeable with a Martian,” she said.

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Critic Reviews

The Boston Globe Rebecca Steinitz

This often enchanting, sometimes frustrating book gives us tantalizing glimpses of Nixon, and a fully realized account of fiction, fiction writing, and the fiction writer.

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USA Today Brian Bralker

Beattie has created a hybrid biography that gets us a little closer to understanding the enigmatic wife of Richard Nixon.

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Book People Blog Julie W.

There’s a lot more to this book, which is as layered and complicated as its famous subject. It’s like no other reading experience I’ve had.

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San Francisco Chronicle Dawn Raffel

Written in short, nonchronological chapters, the book is a kind of kaleidoscope in which shards of fact refract off shards of literary, often self-conscious, reconstruction.

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The Daily Beast Pat Nixon

Ann Beattie’s playful and polymorphous new book, Mrs. Nixon: A Novelist Imagines a Life, is unlike anything she has written.

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Washington Post Marie Arana

Poor Mrs. Nixon doesn’t stand a chance. In fiction as in life, she is shunted aside, more trivial and neglected than she ever was in Mr. Nixon’s White House.

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